Home Management

Home management is something that is often on the forefront of my mind.  Having a husband and three young boys, there is a lot of work to making a household run smoothly.  I like order and organization.  I like things clean and tidy.  My husband and I are training our boys to be responsible young men.  The kids do their fair share around the house and we often make a game of chore time.  Even with many hands to help there is a lot to keep tabs on.  I am in the process of creating a home management binder for our family, and my goal is to create it so that it can be duplicated and sold to help those who may wish to have such a tool, but lack the time or desire to create one.  Home management is a topic that I will blog about fairly often.  I enjoy caring for my family and our home and wish to encourage other women to do the same.  Check back soon for more details on the topic of home management!

She looketh well to the ways of her household, a
nd eateth not the bread of idleness"  Proverbs 31:27


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