Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Meal Plan

It saves us tremendous amounts of time and money.  It wastes less, and makes us better stewards.

It's the weekly meal plan.

I write it out on Sunday and begin by using what I have in the house.   I add to that what's advertised on sale at the local grocery shop and make my weekly grocery list accordingly.  

I plan dinners first, and plan them based on Dan's schedule.  If he will be home for the evening, I plan meals that may take a bit longer to prepare or that require more clean time to clean up.  If he is home for a quick dinner and has to head back to work, I plan something quicker and easier.

Our kids are picky eaters.  If they won't like what we're having for dinner I try to plan a breakfast they will enjoy.  Lunch is planned last and is usually a meal that is easily prepared and requires little clean up.

By having our meals planned, there is little temptation to eat out.  There is far less food wasted because there is a plan for all that is purchased.

We buy what we need and use what we buy.

I don't find myself dragging my feet at dinner time because I don't yet know what to prepare, and I'm rarely caught without what is needed to prepare a meal.  Grocery trips are kept to once a week at most, therefore saving tremendous amounts of time running in for this or that.

When planning the weeks meals at one time, it really only takes a matter of minutes.  I go through the recipe binder that contains only the recipes that have been tried and tested - and have passed the test.  Included there is a list of easy meals for which no recipe is needed.

Trying something new is easy when it can be fit into the week on a day with extra time, and all ingredients can be planned on and purchased in the regular weekly grocery trip.

It may seem that to be planned requires additional time, but that ten minutes spent on Sunday afternoon saves perhaps hours of time during the week, and oodles of cash for the week to come.  We find that by planning ahead, we enjoy a greater variety and we eat healthier too...

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