Friday, December 2, 2011

Swag Bucks - Highly Recommended

So perhaps you've heard of it.  Perhaps, like me, you've dismissed it as a nuisance or another internet scam.  Having had a friend who was using it successfully, I decided to give it a try.

Swag Bucks.

Search & Win

It's very simple really, and it really does work.

You sign up, set Swag Bucks as your home page and do all your internet searching through their search engine.  Randomly, they assign you points - generally 7-50 at any one time just for searching the internet as you normally would.
You don't earn on every search, but we have found it to be about every 3-5 searches.  In our experience, once you have earned, you must wait a few hours before earning more.

If you choose, you can also earn points by completing different offers, by watching different movie clips, etc. but truthfully, we don't take (waste?) the time.

Your points accumulate until you cash them in for prizes.  We have found the best value and the most useful prize to be a $5 Amazon gift certificate, which costs 450 points.

We have been getting a $5 Amazon gift certificate about every 3 weeks or so by simply searching the internet as we normally would using the Swag Bucks search engine.

Points can also be earned through referrals.

When you are ready to redeem your points, you go to the redeem menu right from your Swag Bucks home page and choose the prize you wish to receive.  The gift certificates are delivered via email within a few weeks of redemption.  They contain a code that you enter when making your purchase, in our case, from Amazon, just as you would enter a regular gift certificate or coupon code.

This little blessing has been, for us, well worth the few seconds it took to sign up.  With Amazon's free shipping offer when you spend $25, these $5 gift certificates have proven most helpful for purchasing books that can't be found at the library, books for homeschooling, and gifts for Christmas.

Please, if you would be so kind, use this referral link to sign up for Swag Bucks.

May your family be blessed by this program as ours has been.

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