Friday, September 23, 2011

God's World News Magazine

"The mail's here!"  Eli comes running, dashing through the door, Isaiah not far behind.  The little guy trying hard not to drop the mail he's precariously holding as he enters.

Shoes kicked off in the doorway, mail dropped on the counter.  Little fingers thumbing through, searching for what their eyes had spotted at the mailbox.  Plastic wrapping ripped open, little guys retreat to the sunroom, sweaty and filthy from playing in their fort.  The fort created from downed pine tree branches caused by the recent hurricane.

Both hop up on the sunroom love seat - the perfect place for reading on an early autumn day.  Surrounded by light filtering through the big windows, bird feeder attached to one nearby.

"Look at what's in mine!"  "Did you know.....?"  "Wow!  Cool!"  The chitter chatter of boys, complete with bandaids that have lost their stick, pine sap brown on the palms.

The sweat drips and they catch their breath from running off the boy steam, both ready for some down time.  Almost as exciting as library day, the day each week when we get home from the library with bags full of books, is the day their God's World News arrives.

God's World News, the children's version of WORLD magazine offers six different publications for children Pre-K through high school.  The versions are based on grade level and each offer age appropriate articles on science, social studies, economics, politics, worldview and more.  Subscriptions offer maps, puzzles and web content to expand learning sparked from the articles in the magazines.

"I'm done.  Can I read yours?"  They swap and share, grab a drink of water, and off they go.  Conversation and energy renewed, they saunter out the back door, side by side, in search of the football.

*Reviews by Abundant Fruit & Olive Shoots are unpaid and therefore reflect the sincere opinion of the author.  

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