Sunday, June 12, 2011

Living Intentionally

This blog begins with a post titled Living Intentionally, intentionally.  To live as a Christian in an anti-Christian world requires constant decision making.  Everything from the daily grind to life's greater complexities requires us to deny the flesh and choose to live righteously.  Going with the crowd doesn't get us anywhere because more often than not the crowd is travelling in the wrong direction.  Sitting still is also ineffective as there is no direction.  To make the most of each day, of each hour, of each trial, of each joy, is to live with intention.  
One of the things I enjoy and find myself doing often is reading, studying and learning about anything that can aid me in making my daily life more intentional.  Sometimes that means simple things like finding new recipes that are quick and simple.  Sometimes it means finding a good quality family devotional, a good book worthy of a review, or good quality homeschool material.  Other times it may mean processing a passage of scripture.  This blog will likely take time to shape, but will be a conglomeration of things I find helpful, both as a way for me to record and remember what I have found to be worthwhile and as a way to share them with others.  

So... as you read, please use that which is helpful to you, and join me in striving to live a life of intention that is pleasing to the Lord.

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