Friday, June 24, 2011

Plugged IN

Today was a rainy day where we live. I should say, it was another rainy day! It was also the premier day of Cars 2. Movie going is not something we do often, but every now and then there is a movie that seems worth seeing.

Cars 2 was apparently a very exciting flick for three little guys... and one big guy too! They all were so excited I was compelled to tag along ;) It was great fun. An adventure for the boys being at the big theatre in a crowd of children, many of whom were on their first day of summer vacation. We got there early, got in line and got great seats. Even little Noah was smiling ear to ear saying "Cars 2" over and over. It was a special day.

The reason we don't typically view many movies is two-fold. First of all, and most simply, it's a costly affair and discounts and coupons are difficult, if not impossible to come by.

Secondly, most of what Hollywood produces is garbage and not worth the time or money. A number of years ago Dan came across a website of Focus on the Family called PluggedIN online. They do all sorts of reviews - everything from music to movies to video games. We have found it to be a most useful tool, and quite trustworthy.

Their review of Cars 2 is quite accurate, and we were glad to know the positives and negatives of the moview ahead of time. I also checked in there to see what was written about the new movie, Mr. Popper's Penguins. I was hopeful that it would be a great family film, since it was based on a great children's book that the boys enjoy. Sadly, I found that rather than a cute kid's film, it tries hard to cater to the adult crowd and as a result is not something we will allow our children to see. There simply is no need to send mixed signals. When so much time and effort goes in to teaching them what's right and God honoring, it's counter productive to take them to movies that don't encourage the same.

So, we've had our movie adventure for the summer, and now will put the idea on the shelf for what will likely be another long while, and move on to more educational and worthwhile excursions.

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Tenny said...

good to hear the cars 2 was good:) we've been thinking about going, too! and thanks for the heads up on the FOF PluggedIn, that sounds like something i could use when looking into movies for the kids bdays.


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