Thursday, June 23, 2011

Olive Tree Facts

After the last post about The Olive Tree, I thought it may be helpful to include some of the more interesting facts we learned about olive trees. Really pondering these facts it's quite amazing the understanding that can be gained when referring back to the mentions of the olive tree in scripture.

Olive trees can live 1000 years or more.

The olive tree is a historical symbol of peace.

They are able to survive drought and dry periods due to their wide spreading roots, though they do best when irrigated and fertilized.

The root system is capable of regenerating a tree even if the above ground portion is destroyed.

Olive trees are fire resistant.

They are little bothered by pests or disease.  One of the few pests that can damage them are the olive fly, which lays eggs in young fruit and can damage a whole crop.

They are evergreens.

Olive trees need pruning. Pruning both regulates production and shapes the tree for easier harvest. They can withstand radical pruning.

Pondering this sampling of facts, I am even more convinced that we have chosen the most appropriate name for this blog, a journal of sorts, of our journey; our journey that involves drought and disease, fire, pests, growth, pruning, and peace.


wendy said...

I do believe you have chosen a most appropriate name for your blog. It is a beautiful illustration of the journey, what it is and what it can become in Christ alone.

Lisa said...

Thank you. Your encouragement means more than you know!


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