Tuesday, July 26, 2011

As Iron Sharpens Iron...

These are the greatest of friends, with one missing from the photo.  Somehow the time passed so quickly that not one photo was had with all four.  College roommates, life-long friends.  All four married, fourteen children between them.  None ready to limit the little blessings God may still have for them.

All gather several times a year for a "family" reunion.  All four family's in one home.   One home open to all.  Everything shared.  Communal living.  Each adult known as Aunt or Uncle to the other's children.  The kids, like cousins.  Our Isaiah, 8 years old, is the oldest of the 14.  The youngest, for now is little Lu-Lu, just 10 months.  All are homeschooled.  All are well behaved, polite and respectful.

These four have consistently sharpened each other, as iron sharpens iron.  Honesty.  Accountability.  Consistency.  Sacrifice.  A most admirable picture of friendship and brotherhood.

Though the competitive basketball games of yesteryear have turned into backyard bocce and the athletic college boys once comparing their six packs are now comparing their guts, few things remain the same.
The game is incomplete without laughter and lengthy discussions on life, fatherhood, politics, faith.

They are open books, eager to hear the details of the others lives, eager to share the details of their own.  No time is wasted on small talk.  Two ordained ministers - one a public school teacher, the other an associate pastor.  One an actuary, and Dan.  All deep thinkers.  All opinionated.  All very different.  All gifted in very different ways.  Differences are debated at times, but always appreciated.  Each is always respected.  Always loved.  Always grace-giving.  Always forgiving.  Always growing.

Years of friendship, these four men.
Four grateful wives, fourteen blessed children.

Praise the LORD! 
Blessed is the man who fears the LORD, who greatly delights in his commandments!  Psalm 112:1


Tenny said...

i need to photoshop my guys in there!!! i took a few pics, but not many(a video of about 8 kids flying the man with the hang glider in the backyard). really, it is SUCH a blessing to have you guys.

Lisa said...

Hey Ten!
If you have more photos/videos please send them!!! I have more posts planned on different topics from our 'retreat' ;) Would certainly love to include you guys but for some reason you're not in any of my pics! ;(
Love ya!

GPJ said...

Jon says him and G are like blunt axes beating each other :-)

wendy said...

This kind of friendship is rare indeed. I would wish everyone in the world could enjoy such fellowship, including myself. It is a joy to behold!!


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