Saturday, July 16, 2011

Watermelon Pops

Last week we had a houseful!  A house full of our best friends, 6 of them, and our combined 14 children!  ;)  Posts on preparing for such a time, and for pulling off the logistics of that many house guests will come at a later time.  For now, I just want to share a simple summer time idea!  My kids were playing with popsicle sticks, making the usual creations, while I was slicing watermelon prior to our friends' arrival.  It occurred to me that the two could go together!  The boys helped me put popsicle sticks into the watermelon rinds making a handle for each slice.  The watermelon disappeared faster than candy that day!  There were fewer sticky fingers and I didn't see any dropped on the ground to be enjoyed by the ants.  There sure was no waste either with everyone loving how simple it was to grab a piece and eat it so easily!  This super simple idea was a huge hit!


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