Monday, July 25, 2011

The Babe Turns Two!

A second birthday.  A celebration.  Memories made and shared.  A small gathering at a favorite restaurant, just us, the babe, the boys and Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Mark.  

A trip to the new sprinkler park.  "It's FUN!" exclaims the babe, over and over with a smiling face.  
A new hat to shield from the sun, a swim diaper just a smidge too small for the growing baby boy.  Dimpled arms, chubby legs, and pruny toes he calls "raisins".  A summer day- hot and hazy- filled with giggles and drops of cool water and shadows in the sun.  Big boys boogie boarding on the beach under Grandpa's watchful eye.  Papa, not a fan of water, chatting with Uncle Mark, the two keeping watch over everyone's belongings.  Grandma playing with Babe in the sprinklers, trying not to get soaked.  

Then to Grandma and Grandpa's house for swimming and cake.  Sitting on the beautiful back deck.  Children playing in the yard.  Running in the grass.  A relaxing place.  

A sweet birthday - filled with sweet memories.  Thoughtful gifts.  Hugs.  No wrapping paper, no toys to break, no unnecessary collections of this and that.  A "party", family-style.  No screaming, sticky fingered toddlers.  The only party hat - the babe's new sun hat.  Little work, no chaos, no babe being over looked by the needs and desires of other children.  Just his little self, being loved on and appreciated by those who love and care for him most.  His day.  

A perfect 2nd birthday celebration.  One to be remembered by all as joyful and sweet.  One to revel in the oh-so-fleeting days of the chubby-legged, dimply toddler.  Carefree and content.

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