Friday, July 15, 2011


A sampling of my favorite selections from Lisa Corinne Handmade.....

This first one resembles "Mimi".  Mimi is my youngest sons very favorite blanket.  It's called Mimi because when he was very small and just learning to speak his version of 'blankie' was Mimi.  It has just stuck ;)  He sometimes looks like Linus from the Peanuts as he drags his mint green blanket around, sucking his two fingers.  Poor Mimi doesn't look quite as lovely as the one pictured here.  After being well loved for two years, it has it's share of stains and tears.  That said, Noah won't be parting with Mimi anytime soon ;)

Sweet Noah is partial to "Manket" too.  His version of blanket.  ;)  It's like this flannel blanket pictured below with crocheted blue trim.  It's a very soft flannel with soft yarn edging.  It's the perfect size and weight for a little guy.


Baby Mary Janes!!!  Some day perhaps we'll add a girl to this clan of boys!  ;)

I just love this big pouffy flower thing!  The colors are quite stylish as well.  High fashion!  ;)

Handmade hats and shoes for boys too!  Check out this newsboy hat and !oafers!

And one more sample!  Ballerina slippers!

There are numerous other styles and colors to choose from at Lisa Corinne Handmade!  I love them all, but wanted to post here a sampling of some to encourage you to take a peek at Mom's beautiful Etsy site!  ;)

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