Thursday, August 4, 2011

Forgiveness and Grace

I made a mistake.  My young son, six year old Elijah, asked me to take him to the park to play.  I said, "Yes.  After dinner we will go for a while.  I have things to do just now, and it will be cooler then anyway".

Well, the afternoon passed, me busily trying to accomplish the days tasks.  He played sweetly with his younger brother.  He read for a while, he built grand creations with his pattern blocks.  He didn't beg, nor did he remind of his desire to go run at the park.

Dan was working late and I'd decided to feed the boys mac n' cheese from a box - their favorite- ahead of time and wait to have dinner with Dan after the kids were in bed.  The phone rang and I chatted a bit too long - not something I do often.  They finished their dinner and we cleaned up and I looked at the clock.  Time had passed so quickly and we'd lost track.

I said, "I'm sorry.  We will go tomorrow".  Head hung, shoulders sagging as only Elijah can do - off he went to take his shower and prepare for bed.  I felt badly, knowing I'd failed him, but said nothing.  He returned from the shower with a sweet look on his face.  I knelt down, held his arms and said, "Baby - I'm really sorry.  Will you please forgive me?  I made you a promise and I failed to keep it.  Will you give me another chance to keep my promise tomorrow and be sure you get to play at the park?"

I half expected him to hang his head once again and sulk, but instead his whole face smiled.  He looked me in the eyes and responded, "Yes Mama.  I can forgive you and offer you grace."  I asked him why he would offer grace when I knew I had hurt him by not keeping my promise to him.
He simply and confidently replied,

 "because Jesus gives me grace".

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Tenny said...

i teared up when reading that. sometimes i truly wish i could be a child. they live so simply and understand God's truths so much better than i feel i can sometimes. thanks for sharing that.


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