Sunday, August 21, 2011

Let the Little Children...

We took a trip to the big city, my four boys and I.  We had been given tickets to one of my husband's very favorite places- the Museum of Fine Arts.  During our stay, we came across this piece, The Head of Christ sculpted in 1867 by French sculptor Jean-Baptiste (Auguste) Clesenger.

Dan was leading the way, the older boys following close behind.  Dan, trying to share his love of art with his older sons, to teach them art history and appreciation.  Trying to let them observe for themselves and find that which is of their own liking.

Little Noah, nearly always the caboose was following not too far behind.  Me behind him to be sure he kept his little hands to himself.  Suddenly, he stops.  He turns.  He looks up.  He stares.

I stop, wondering what he's doing and at first try to move him along.  He had seemingly entered his own world, oblivious to my promptings.  Then I realize what he sees from his vantage point.  Where he typically sees knees and the bottom of the frames hung on the wall, this was different.

I leaned down and said, "Do you know who that is?"  He said questioningly, "Man?".  I answered, "Yes.  It's a man.  It's Jesus".  Then I backed away a few steps, hoping to capture a photo of this sweet moment.
He then, eyes still fixed on this head of Christ, sat down crossing his legs indian-style.  He scooted his little butt forward to look directly into the carved face, and said
"Hi Jesus..."

I was too busy trying to get Dan's attention- and by then, he had noticed that Dan and his brothers had come to see and were standing nearly over him.  He smiled and quickly stood up.

Oh to know just what was going through his mind.  What was he thinking as he sat at the 'feet' of this bust of Jesus.  Unprompted and uninstructed, seemingly instinctive.  Eyes fixed, glued, to the closed eyes of this bronze sculpture.

What must he have thought, this two year old in an art museum on a rainy summer day?  Crowds of people, tired as he was without his nap, brothers busily moving about admiring lions, swords, and other such exciting things.  For this little boy to put a face to the name he hears spoken of daily, what must he have thought?

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."  Matthew 19:14

I believe children have a greater understanding than we give them credit for.  If Jesus stated that the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as the children who come to him, then why do we hinder them so?

Dear Lord Jesus,

May we gently lead our children to your feet, and teach them your scriptures so they may be guided by your light as they seek your face.


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