Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Homemade Slip n' Slide

It was really their father's great idea.  The regular Slip n' Slide just wasn't long enough - so they tell me.  The boys, who all seem to think bigger is better, took a trip to the local hardware store.  They soon returned, having purchased a large roll of thick plastic sheeting. 

They came home, unrolled it and hooked up the sprinkler near the top.  They requested some soap, lathered themselves up, and got a running head start.  They launch onto the plastic, head first ... some more gracefully than others.  Elijah, closest to the ground, takes off like a seal, arms by his side, head erect.  Isaiah seems a bit Bambi-like at first, and Dan happily joined them, mumbling something afterwards about a beached whale...

This was last year.  

This year, the fun was irresistible- so they tell me.  The fun had to be repeated, hose rigged to a lawn chair to provide continuous spray to the plastic.

So long as it's not left too long at one time on the lawn, it has provided hours of entertainment.  Even Noah joined in the fun this year, but since he has yet to adopt the 'bigger is better' mentality he mostly stuck to the kiddie pool with a perfect vantage point for observation.   

Simple ideas, hours of fun, mud puddles... lasting memories... 

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