Monday, August 15, 2011

Morning Devotions and Children's Bibles

Admittedly, my children are better about their regular daily devotions than I am, particularly in the summer months.  Each of the older boys spends 15 minutes each morning in scripture and prayer.  They say they notice a difference in their days when they have skipped this time.  How great it is for them to see the impact the time communing with God each morning has on their lives already!

The general expectation is that each morning, everyone who can read is to read from their Bible.

Anyone at the beginning reading stage - of which we have noone just now- is allowed to read from any Bible storybook they find on the shelf until they reach a point to be able to read well from the actual scriptures. Any little one not yet able to read a "real" Bible on their own, is allowed to ask an older brother to read aloud his devotions if he chooses - providing the little one sits quietly.   From about 3 years and up, until they are able to read at all on their own, they are allowed the use of the Ipod to listen to the Bible in spoken form.

I am often asked about what Bible to choose for children.  There are so many options!  After much research, we have narrowed down our favorites.  The best storybook Bible we have found by far is Egermeier's Bible Story Book by Elsie Egermeier.

Egermeier's Bible Story Book

The best first Bible for children is the Discoverer's Bible for Early Readers.

 NIrV Discoverer's Bible for Early Readers, Revised Edition

This Bible is different than the others in that it is written in large print.  It seems a little known fact that children's eyes are not fully developed for reading - teaming, tracking, focusing- until later in childhood.  We have found that with early readers, they appreciate the larger print.  There is also not too much in the way of pictures and side notes to distract from the actual text in this particular Bible.

Another that we have enjoyed with our boys - mostly for the illustrations- is The Children's Illustrated Bible.

The Children's Illustrated Bible

This year, we are going to begin working through a Bible in a Year plan.  I am confident that the children have become devoted enough to their morning reading that such a plan will be successful, though it may take more than one year to complete.  By having all family members on the same page, it further prompts natural fellowship throughout each day, and starts each day on the right foot.  It provides an automatic topic of good conversation at the dinner table, and a starting point for evening family worship, if not a 'fill in' for when Isaiah or I lead our evening time in Dan's absence.

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Tenny said...

egermeiers is a favorite of ours too. and i just got the discoverers this year for the kiddos. rpk is now comfortable with smaller print, but going into the summer, definitely prefered larger. i'm hoping natty will be getting more comfortable with reading in general. and i LOVE big ones reading to little ones. especially from the Bible.


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