Saturday, August 27, 2011

Praise Him in the Storm

A friend called yesterday.  "Did you know a hurricane's coming?" I asked.  The only response was laughter.  My husband chimes in from across the room, "where have you been?!"

Under a rock, apparently.
{I gathered my news from Facebook I think,
as sad as that may be}
The friend on the other end of the line adds, "Have you not turned on your TV?  It's the only thing on!"

With an impending storm, I sent the older children outside today to be certain all their toys and lawn chairs, etc. were put into the shed.  Dark clouds looming overhead, the threat of rain, sensed by even the animals who seemed eerily quiet.

The boys came in for lunch, having done more playing than cleaning up.  After our meal, they went back outside to tend to the task they'd neglected, or perhaps procrastinated from, the first time.

I was in the kitchen, the 1960's retro kitchen, baking cookies.  Watching the boys from the kitchen window - what a blessing that window is, with the perfect view of the backyard!  Someone knew what they were doing when they built this house.  I can picture a 1960's mom, sporting an apron, watching children from this same window perhaps two generations ago...

The sky opened.  Rain poured down as it hasn't in months, perhaps years, at least not that we remember.  I ran outside to help, hurrying to get everything in.  The boys dawdling, rather enjoying their romp in the rain.  Little Noah had followed behind me, happily splashing about in the puddles that had already accumulated in the bare spots of our patchy lawn.

Everyone made it back in the house, little boys muddy and happy were ushered quickly up to the shower.  Curious, we turned on the TV.  As little guys emerged from the shower, they were drawn to the bright screen like bugs to a bug light.  They parked themselves in front of it, eagerly listening to one weather report after another.

It didn't take long and the anxiety and chaos set in, then it seemed to take over the house.  I was finishing up the cookies in the kitchen while getting the play-by-play of the weather.  "Someone died from the storm", they said.  Next, images of people being swept off jetty's into the ocean were pictured.  Even little boys had sense enough to know that was unintelligent, to be on a jetty in a hurricane.  They informed me of the storm's track, it's timing, projected wind speeds and precipitation amounts.  They were sucked into the drama.

That 20 minutes would be enough.  TV off!

The quiet of the house returned.  Little ones returned to their chores, hovering first for a taste of freshly baked chocolate chip cookie.  Dan continued the painting of our bedroom furniture - an ongoing summer project- it looks gorgeous!  Noah pushed Chuck (his favorite dump truck) across the kitchen floor.

Does it matter?  The storm is coming, need we know more?  If we've done what can be done to secure the things that could be taken by the wind and cause damage, is not the rest in the hands of God?  Does it matter the exact track the storm takes?  Will we know, or care, when all is said and done that we got 8 inches of rain instead of 4"?  Sure, for those who live at the shore, there may be extra precautions that would vary depending on projected storm details, but for us - is it worth the chaos?  Worth the noise and the interruption?

The TV is off, the storm is imminent.  As it creeps in, we will marvel together at the power of God.  The God who can move the mountains, part the seas, and save us from ourselves.  We will praise Him, He whom the winds and the seas obey.

And since church is cancelled, we will sleep in, enjoy homemade baked french toast for breakfast, and enjoy the sabbath together - a rare treat for a ministry family!

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Anonymous said...

Well said. God bless all the little children. <3



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