Thursday, August 18, 2011

Where the Practical Meets the Fanciful

When beginning this blogging adventure, researching and dreaming of what direction God may lead, listening to the encouragement of good friends, and Mom...


Knowing I am not a writer, english classes never were my thing.  With only three years of college under my belt - four really- and no degree to show for it {that's a story for another day}, I wondered -and still do- about how God may use me.  With millions of blogs on the web, maybe more, what can I offer?  Why does this seem to be God's leading for a girl who always hated, always failed, English?

Those questions have yet to be answered, but Dan's words of wisdom stand out in my mind.

"Your job, your goal, is to find where the 
practical meets the fanciful..."

He does this well and I have learned, am still learning.
What is it that can make the ordinary beautiful?

The everyday worthy of a second glance or a photograph?

What is it that I love about the holes in the knees of my
boys' jeans?

The weeds that flower?

Why is the old, the rustic and the antique sometimes more lovely than
the new, the shiny and the modern?

Why does wisdom often come with age
- not always- but often?

Where do practical and fanciful meet?

Me, the practical.  Dan, the fanciful.

Polar opposites, practical and fanciful, yet the intersection is often beautiful.

Fanciful without practicality is imagination.
Ornamental.  Unrealistic.
Practical without fanciful is dull.
Unimaginative.  Boring.

Practical intertwined with the fanciful must lead to the realization of the dream.


Perhaps the Jews in Old Testament times felt much the same.  The words of the prophets yet to be fulfilled.  The waiting for the realization, the fulfillment, of Old Testament prophecy.

With Jesus, the two intersect - practical and fanciful.



Jennifer @ said...

Oh Lisa ...

You see it when you write, don't you? The way God weaves beauty through your words? What can you offer? It is this: the beauty you unearth in the ordinary and share with others.

God bless you as you begin this journey. You are a blessing.

Lisa said...


Thank you for your thoughtful comment, and for your encouragement. It is my prayer that the Lord would be glorified through the words written here...


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